Curriculum Vitæ

Research activities

sapienzabsoloFrom 02/01/2017: Postdoctoral researcher at Sapienza in Rome. Partecipating to the Simons collaboration on Cracking the Glass Problem.

  02/01/2017: Postdoctoral researcher at CBPF in Rio de Janeiro. Position funded by the John Templeton Foundation.

Didactical activities

2013/January 2015/January: Tutor of the Structure of Matter Course in the Master program in Physics at University of Pisa.


Pisa01/01/2012/January  15/01/2015/January: PhD in Physics at University of Pisa. Thesis: The Euclidean Matching Problem. Supervisor: S. Caracciolo (University of Milan).

Università del Salento2009
/October — 2011/July: Master of Science in Physics at University of Salento (110/110 cum laude). Thesis: Symmetries of fractional differential evolution equations. Supervisors: R.A. Leo (University of Salento) and P. Tempesta (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain).

Università del Salento2006/October — 2009/July: Bachelor of Science in Physics at University of Salento (110/110 cum laude). Thesis: Simmetrie di Lie di equazioni di evoluzione ed applicazione all’equazione di Fokker–Planck. Supervisors: R.A. Leo (University of Salento) and P. Tempesta (Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain).

2001/September — 2006/July: Diploma di maturità scientifica, Liceo scientifico “G.C. Vanini”, Casarano (LE).

Talks outside conferences

2018/June 7: Invited talk at the ENS, Paris (Random matching problems).
/May 23: Invited talk at the King’s College, London (Random matching problems).

Conferences, meetings, schools

2019/June 23-29: People in Optimal Transportation, Cortona (Italy) [Invited talk]

2019/May 27-31: Breakdown Of Ergodicity In Isolated Quantum Systems: From Glassiness To Localization, Florence (Italy).

2019/March 7-9Simons Collaboration on Cracking the Glass Annual Meeting, New York (USA) [Poster].

2018/November 20-25: Simons Collaboration Meeting, Royaumont Abbey (France).

2018/August 20-September 2Statistical physics and machine learning back together, Institut d’Études Scientifiques de Cargèse (France) [Poster]. 

2018/March 8-9Simons Collaboration on Cracking the Glass Annual Meeting, New York (USA) [Poster].

2018/January 3-5: Beyond mean field theory: Renormalisation Group and Non Perturbative approaches to Disordered and Glassy Systems, Sapienza University of Rome, Rome (Italy) [Organizer].

2017/September 6-8: The statistical physics cornucopia, Paris (France).

2017/April 6-7: Dynamics of glass-forming liquids, Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen (Denmark).

2017/March 9-10Simons Collaboration on Cracking the Glass Annual Meeting, New York (USA) [Poster].

2016/June 19-25: 31st International Colloquium on Group Theoretical Methods in Physics, CBPF, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) [Invited talk and poster].

2015/October 4-30: International workshop and Latin-American School on foundations of complexity, CBPF, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) [Talk].

2015/July 27- August 2: New trends in Statistical mechanical foundation of complexity, Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture, Erice (Italy) [Talk and poster].

2014/February 3-14Statistical Field Theories Lectures (SFT2014) at GGI, Florence (Italy).

2013/June 3-15: Beg Rohu Summer School 2013 in Disordered Systems, Beg Rohu (France).

2013/June: Physics and Mathematics of Nonlinear Phenomena 2013 (PMNP2013), Gallipoli (Italy) [Poster].

2013/March–April: Period of training at ISAS, Trieste (Italy), within the PhD course in Statistical Physics.

2013/March: Middle European COnference in Statistical Physics (MECO38), ICTP, Trieste (Italy).

2012/May — June: International School on Complex Systems at ISAS, Trieste (Italy).


Referee for: Annalen der Physik, Physica A, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review E, Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.